Kazakh Text-to-Speech Synthesis Technology

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Essentially, the Kazakh text-to speech synthesis system is an electronic Kazakh speaker. A selectable text in the Kazakh language is loaded into the speech synthesis system. After the synthesis process has been completed, the computer can be heard reading this text in a human voice, following all punctuation marks, making correct accents, making pauses where necessary and emphasizing the significant fragments of the text with intonation. The synthesized speech can be played through the loudspeakers of the computer. There is an option for saving the synthesized speech to an external multimedia file for further reproduction through an external player. There is a possibility of customization of various synthesis parameters. The synthesis can be performed in different (male, female, child’s) voices, with various sound tone and intonation.

The principal fields of application of our speech technologies are the following:

  • Robotic engineering
  • Speaking smart devices
  • “Smart House”
  • Language teaching systems
  • “Voice Translators”
  • Audio books
  • Telephony systems (Call-centers)
  • Information booths
  • Information security systems
  • Voice criminalistic examination
  • Dumb and blind help systems




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Email: mail@uniline.kz
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